Dropping Spring 2024, Riverboat, the new album by Los Angeles based band Leland and the Silver Wells is the band’s 5th album. Like all of the band’s albums Riverboat takes the listener on a singular musical and spiritual journey from side A to Side B. This time upon the meandering River of Life from birth to death and everywhere in between. The record begins with the powerful acoustically driven dirge Requiem. The journey continues with the formal sounds of a string quartet opening Hold On Tight and then moving into the driving beat of the verse and soaring into the chorus beckoning the listener on a new adventure which at turns is brash, expansive, kaleidoscopic, introspective, psychedelic, and cosmic. By the time we hear the final title track, Riverboat, the listener really feels we have traveled very far down and deep into the river and are gracefully floating on our own Riverboat immersed in the song’s mournful reverie. We invite the listener to let themselves get lost in the atmosphere that the band has created in a two day live recording session at 64 Sound in Highland park, California complete with a string quartet recorded live with the rock band.



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